iPhone Microscope

I just made an inexpensive microscope using my iPhone 4s and about 20 bucks worth of supplies. It took me about an hour to assemble, outside of the trip to a hardware store to get everything (though if I was better at construction I may have been done in only 20 or 30 minutes). I … Continue reading iPhone Microscope


Aladdin Sane

So I had a weird idea. I was thinking about how different musicians look after a long period of time, and how it would be interesting to see some of the most iconic album covers with the artists at their current age. Here is my first attempt, with more artists to come. Forgive me Bowie … Continue reading Aladdin Sane

Lincoln in Color

In 1860 two things happened: The popular Artist George Peter Alexander Healy painted a realistic portrait of Abraham Lincoln, and the photographer Alexander Hesler (yes, his name is strangely similar to Healy's last two names) photographed numerous images of Lincoln using the wet-plate collodion technique. The photographs are considered by many to be among the … Continue reading Lincoln in Color

Disneyland Ride Feeling

There’s a cool tunnel in Pasadena, on the 210 freeway going east. It goes under a cluster of highways that all meet there, right next to Old Town. When I’m driving through it, I get the strangely distinct feeling that I’m on a Disneyland ride. The darkness, the dim lights lighting up the road, moving … Continue reading Disneyland Ride Feeling