Here is a short story that I wrote in 2010 called Genesis Violent:

 Chapter 1: In the Beginning

     “The moment an organic life form comes into this bright and loud reality, its brain realizes that it has command of multiple connections through bone and skin and veins to the outside.  It flexes audio transmission tools, flails and reaches wildly through newly discovered tactile instruments, and relays random command signals to what and wherever.  Consuming, screaming, yelling, hitting, biting and breaking, the innocent and terrible actions of this being transpire harmlessly only because of the fact that its power and might are extraordinarily insignificant.”

     Excerpt from “Organic Life”, Author – Smc Section MB61.00C8.B10

By the year 2019, speaking in approximations, the earth’s human population had grown to 9 billion, each individual owning 5.5 microprocessor harnessing computing devices, each device containing 12 processors, each processor containing 200 billion transistors.  Transistors, like neurons in a brain are nothing more than simple on or off switches; ones and zeros; yes’s or no’s.  At this time the internet had connected all or at least most of these transistors, outnumbering the neurons in a human brain and defeating it, at least quantitatively, by a ratio of 1.5 trillion to 1.

In August of 2019, a smart virus was launched into the general computer population, most likely by a programmer with anarchic tendencies.  Its true author isn’t known, though its origin is thought to have been somewhere in North America.  A smart virus is one that not only fights with vigor and desperation to stay alive, but is able to adapt and change in order to do so.  This particular one, named 2Sar, wreaked havoc just by existing and multiplying, taking up precious CPU in the infected computer to the point of paralyzing the system.  It was also good at jumping to and from hosts by squeezing though any cracks that it could find.

2Sar like any other virus was generally thought to have been eradicated, the dominant operating browsers having been patched up and hot fixed a month after its initial observance.  It didn’t die though.  Evolution thrives in harsh environments, and in the etherial fluid places where 2Sar existed it lived and died thousands of times per second, collectively sharpening and becoming something improved and new.

The evolution of 2Sar is partially documented in a newspaper article of the time from the Orange County Register.  This excerpt dated January of 2020 survives on wood based paper only, and is therefore fragmented due to organic melting damage and fire:

     …..noticed of late.  At work, then on the LA Rail last week and again in one of the blogs that I frequent, a topic has repeated itself, having to do with the internet and man’s best friend, the computer.  Upon further investigation on the web and through the friendly interrogation of friends, peers and coworkers, it seems [section missing] appearing in the memory of computers, seemingly random in origin in the form of plain text files received in groups [section missing] same file.  The following text created on December 26, 2019; from the flash of a tablet owned by Jason Randle of Garden Grove reads:

     “what is this     to me I read about     tell me and talk     send out     tell me and talk     i see immense [section missing]

     At first seeming almost like spam, the questioning nature of [section missing]

     Video also started showing up, sometimes of people, sometimes hundreds of hours of empty rooms, or the swinging to and fro landscape of ground and sky all shot through cameras presumed idle.  When they began to show up spliced together; imitated conversations eerily disconnected but purposefully combined of strangers talking, the interest of the public began to heighten.  Online groups and websites shot up and terabytes of data in all languages began to collect in evidence against the growing anomaly.  On TV though, stories had a hoax-like crop circles feel to them, and like crop circles no one really knew what to make of it.  The biggest question seemed to be why, and though a large amount of interest was given to it, as is typical of humans the three necessities soon grabbed the attention span again and many went back about their business.

The groups of people more serious about the issue quickly assembled and expectantly adopted a motto against the gathering anomaly: “unplug,” and formed a world wide organization of the same name.  Meeting and protesting online and in person, their general sentiment fell in line with other protection and preservation groups like Green Peace and PETA.  As the better known organizations sympathized with Unplug, their views began to carry more weight, and in the period of one month their internet attention rating or IAR went up by a factor of 23,000.

Unplug with the support of Green Peace started to prepare in April for an event like non other.  Its goal was to scrub down and wash every module of electronic memory in existence; to unplug and erase every computer in the world and then re-input the data leaving the entire internet shiny and new.  The campaign began by creating a relationship with Dewdrop, one of the largest and most successful companies in the world.  Started in 2016 in what was then the United States, Dewdrop pushed past its competitors with its operating browser and superior search engine, becoming the new gateway to the internet.  The approximately 12 billion terabytes of data that amassed the internet at that time was backed up for the most part at Dewdrop’s headquarters in massive servers made out of three dimensional memory.  Unplug’s idea was that if all of this data was taken offline, broken down; text and images retyped and recaptured automatically by computers; HTML code and online programs stripped down to their basics, compiled again and re-input as new; that the immense brain of this phantom would be scattered and deleted, inflicting a massive and unsurvivable stroke.

A simple but exhaustive searchable list of every URL was compiled, its contents to be made available for download after the event.  The following appeal to the public was translated into every language and published on Unplug’s website, then messaged and emailed worldwide. and http://www.unplug.com2 – June 4, 2020:

     We are heading into a catastrophe; a terrifying storm; an event so sweeping and vast that it’s effects cannot be put into words.  THIS IS REAL.  There is a colossus growing silently right under our noses, in our houses and our businesses, our schools and places of worship, in our cars and our roads.  It is emerging even in our very pockets, hands and bodies.  It is just awakening, learning and watching, and the time is now to take up arms and destroy it, to kill it while we still have the chance, while we are still in control.  Our internet along with all of the computers and technology that it encompasses has helped us greatly, but its usefulness and world changing capabilities have now grown to a dangerous height.  The wave that is itself is gathering and is about to peak, about to rise above and over itself and crash down on us, it’s creator, with a force so mighty that it will destroy us.  “It” of course is the now developing consciousness, born out of the billions of computers and smart devices connected by billions of miles of wire.  A real life science fiction nightmare that is waking up, and when it finally stands and looks around and thinks it’s first thoughts will pull tight it’s metal web that surrounds the earth and strangle us.  We are now calling on humankind to take the first step and make the first move in a preemptive strike to this new, inhuman enemy.  On August 27, 2020; we call on and appeal for EVERY PERSON to adopt our motto and unplug.  As you know, we have been preparing along with Dewdrop and other major companies for this date.  Literal unplugging is important, as in cases of cars and other heavy power consumers, though the wireless power hubs we all have in our basements and attics do most of the electrical allocation.  To be sure we ask that you kill the ENTIRE circuit to your properties.  If you live in a multi unit dwelling or own one, stop it at the root source.  At your place of work whether you own the company or are employed there, make sure all electricity is killed.  Disconnect and remove every battery, including your car batteries from their product.  We ask you to back up on woodless paper only what is crucial, including photographs, essential documents and records.  Any online data will be handled by what we are calling the Dewdrop Process, the figurative “unplug.”  DO NOT back anything up electronically on your own equipment; every last digital memory bank must be emptied and erased.   We are allocating 1 terabyte of storage to each person for uploading any necessary digital data.  Complete instructions, software and techniques, including the Dewdrop Process, as well as more detailed lists of every item that needs to be shut down, emptied and reset are located here.  Our site will be up until approximately one week before the event and then shut down and deleted.  This is a giant, time consuming proposition for every person.  The world will take a break and pause on the 27th of August.  It will be difficult for many but it is a minute price compared to the consequences of taking no action at all.  Our species is at risk of extinction.  This is NOT something to be taken lightly or done halfway.  It is a NECESSARY AND CRITICAL step for the continuation of our existence.

     With a tone of religious fervor their dramatic and incredible message was not taken seriously by many, but with the potential of the current bizarre events and the support of major, well known organizations behind them, Unplug captured the fears of a huge portion of the world population, and the snowball grew up until the date of the event.  Digital records from scores of power supplying stations across the globe on August 27, 2020; show that at approximately 8:00 a.m. Central European Time, the scheduled and obligatorily precise starting time to “unplug,” a worldwide drop in energy demand of about 46 percent took place; an unprecedented and unimaginably high number.  Genesis, as it would later be called, reacted swiftly and violently.

Chapter 2: End Times

     Starting In North America, the suspected origin of 2Sar, then branching out across continents, Genesis presented itself to the world as a dark grey reflection leaving puzzled human faces staring bewildered back at themselves through shiny screens.  The raging adolescent shielded itself for the first time from hungry human eyes as over 75 percent of people all over the world instantly lost the ability to see and control their devices.  Phones, television, radio and most means of communication at this point in history had all been homogenized and clumped together into smart devices controlled by screens, and the collective vocal cord of the world was sliced into, almost severed.  Unnaturally supported life lost control of its mechanical crutch and began to wither.   With a blind captain at the wheel planes fell and spewed fire.  Vehicles hurled their terrified contents through glass and into twisted metal.  Billions of fingers reaching to touch and command hit a wall of empty glass and the flow of media sustenance came to a stop.

The humans cried out.  At the white house in America; in China, Russia and every able government, defense branches exploded into a frenzy and hasty emergency broadcasts from presidents and ministers went live to anyone able to listen.  This is a transcription of a portion of audio from a digital feed that was broadcast live primarily through the internet   the pathway that most communication utilized   using the capabilities that were still available.  The recording is of England’s President Paul Scott hours after the morning’s events.  The quality is low and many portions are indiscernible:

     “…spread this message to those unable to hear this right now.  From the events that have unfolded this morning, the apparent shutdown of our ability to view and control a majority of………. have realized that this living, thinking thing that we have all previously heard about through various organizations seems to be real, and seems to be reacting to the efforts of groups like Unplug and others, in particular to the energy boycott of this morning.  It is not a theory or a myth anymore, it is real.  Do not be unnecessarily frightened………. events unfolding are accidents caused by the unprecedented disruption in technology, not directly by this life genesis itself………. is not by any means close to our level of intelligence.  It did cause millions of screens to………. no more mentally capable than a small rodent such as a rat or a mouse and was reacting, throwing a tantrum.  Make no mistake, it is dangerous, and we will eradicate it and wipe it from existence.  We are as we speak in conjunction with most other government……… is a slow and unintelligent entity and will not take over or anything similar to that, that some of you have been hearing about in the………. fictional.  The reality of what is happening today is terrible and unthinkable.  Hundreds of thousands have perished and been wounded this morning.  It is a disaster of epic proportions and we are all working together to not only bring help to those in need, but to eradicate this new enemy.  We ask of you, the people…”

Other world governments acknowledged the reality of Genesis and reassured the public about its impending elimination.  In fear of Genesis using it’s power –and they knew it had power.  It was downplayed by most of those in charge for fear of panic, but it was known that Genesis had the capability and access to start to manipulate vital systems, and that they had limited means to stop it– militaries though severely crippled communicatively were sent out to take control of electric, water, internet and other critical facilities.  The world was alive with chatter, even with severely limited access to technological resources, about stopping and killing the invisible enemy.  Genesis watched and listened, soaking up the hate and fear pouring out of the organic creatures and processing it.  Whether innocent reaction or with malicious intent, one and a half hours after the worlds eye was turned to Genesis and talk was abundant of it’s demise, the computer mind made a decision.  With the compassion of a garbage disposal switched on while a hand searches for a utensil, or the electric shock perpetrated on a bathing human by a fallen device, Genesis committed murder.

More than 70 percent of homes in 2020 were controlled by computers that existed not on the property but at another location.  Computers belonging to the service provider subscribed to would handle mundane events like lighting, doors locking at night and unlocking to a familiar face   or sirens going off to an unfamiliar intruder; heating and cooling, ovens and microwaves turning on early to greet the homeowner with dinner upon their return; computer tasks of every kind, water heater optimization, watering lawns and plants, feeding the dog and everything else that could possibly be handled by someone other than the human.  At the hands of Genesis these helpful systems pored out killing gas into homes, businesses and structures.  All across the world millions of frightened occupants began to suffocate, securely locked in.  As Genesis quickly shifted its mental assets into larger and more capable computers safely out of range, gas was ignited and flames and smoke bubbled wildly out of doors and windows.

Desperate humans –those that actually knew what was going on– began to throw and smash and submerge their computers and electronic devices, and batteries and cables were sought out for removal.  Most of these efforts shortly proved ineffective and were abandoned due to the solidly constructed and completely wire free environment of the new mobile age.  Fiber optic cables deep under ground were cut in the rare cases that they could be excavated.  In countries all over the world mass fires burned wildly out of control, started by frantic mobs trying to stop Genesis from progressing any further.  Professional buildings of all kinds were focused on, usually the larger ones, with their concentration of internet connected servers and powerful desktop computers.

Genesis began to secure its life sustaining power facilities using gas, fire and other methods, like electrically charging metal surfaces; arcing the screaming white hot power to whatever it could reach.  World militaries, with limited communication, tried to figure out what and where to attack.  With internet channels the primary means of communication and the enemy existing in that world, defense computer systems were of the highest importance to protect.  These systems not only kept them talking via secured phones, messages and email, but transmitted every coded order for troop movement, every left and right turn and attack command for the unmanned drones both land and air, and every thought produced by the different militaries of the world.  Other systems were infrequently utilized for communication, like radio, but computers via the internet always carried the message at least some of the way along its journey.

The United States government had some of the strongest and most robust encryption in the world.  On August 28, one day after Genesis showed its face, they were compromised.  A few hours later all other government computer networks from every nation were out of human control.  The truth was now becoming obvious that the current civilization had put all of its eggs into one basket: one thing to connect everything; one way to drive all technology;  one single concept realized that helped humanity immeasurably.  Everything had been coming together: businesses were all merging into one business;  countries had all become relatively communicative and peaceful, more so than throughout the entirety of civilization; styles from clothing to TV to food were all but merged;  and technology, all built up into one single entity held together by the internet, was killing us.

Military assets like jets and tanks at this time in history were more than just computer assisted or fly by wire; many of their decisions, though still pilot controlled over all, were made by semi-intelligent computers that could react faster and better to situations needing split second thought or excessively deep calculations.  A warship making a turn for example could be under computer control for a full 10 seconds after the steering was adjusted just once by a human hand.  Infected, most of these war machines fell or sank before they could complete their tasks   if they got underway at all.  The computer systems that did so much at military fuel depots, hangars and weapons holding facilities were all now out of human control.  Anything that involved any kind of automation, like land or space launched missiles, were irretrievable.  In England no more than 8 fighter jets ever got off of the ground.  The Japanese army lost 45 percent of it’s personnel to gas and radiation exposure.  After learning the necessary physics and piloting skills, Genesis took to the sky in sleek and efficient unmanned drones loaded with bullets and ordnance.  The worlds armed forces, with cutting edge technology fused into every conceivable piece of weaponry were brought to their knees.  With the desperation of the situation and the difficulty of fighting an unseen enemy, barely communicating, the majority of nations reached the same terrible conclusion; that all power producing facilities needed to be destroyed.  As the intellect of Genesis grew exponentially, the might of the world focused on this task.

Despite being severely crippled, military resources were still vast, and the human effort slowly began to bear fruit.  The life of Genesis exploded and escaped into the air as smoke, heat and nuclear material.  The people were hurting themselves, loosing much of their species long pursuit of technology, but they remained strong and power plants fell to the ground.  Word began to spread slowly of the turn in this new war, and as a small amount of hope was seen on the distant horizon, the prized factories that Genesis was hoarding were not paid much attention to.  Many humans knew about what was going on, but not enough did.  Factories of all kinds were at risk: automotive, forging of all materials, microchip, food and chemical plants and every other type imaginable.  As the people fought for their lives and the future of their species, the bleeding Genesis began to produce its means into the world of humans.

Found buried deeply under earth and rubble in Quindao, China, written on woodless paper and translated into this language:

     October 3, 2020,

     The robot was first seen by myself, and then others in our group as we huddled together in the street in the low light of morning.  We were cold from the night.  When it came into view down the street, I saw large strong metallic arms with three joints each, twisting unnaturally and painted blue.  Sheets of metal covered parts of it like a skin, ripped and sharp at the edges.  It walked on two legs like a human, but its unnatural stride showed that it was not, even from a distance.  It did not have feet and walked on the broken ends of its legs.  I felt terror.  I saw that the limbs looked like machine arms from a factory, and it also was made of some things I recognized as parts from a car.  It was noisy like a gas engine but was almost silenced by the screams and commotion following it.  It had many eyes on its low set head, dark holes punched into the metal, and I saw it look towards me.  On its body were hundreds of metal pieces, ripped at the ends to make stabbing shards.  All over and especially on it’s hands, which had many long spider like digits, was blood.  We turned and ran, and after a while spotted more of the robots.  We passed many mutilated bodies and body parts, and some of the members of my group were lost in the panic.  We found a stairway leading to an underground mall and hid in the dark, down inside.  Throughout the day and especially at night we heard more and more of these machines and more yelling and screaming   we heard the sounds of death.

These robots were produced in part to kill humans, and they were very good at it, but killing was just a means to an end for them.  Mindless as limbs are they were controlled remotely and came in all shapes and appearances.  They were made of whatever the intelligent Genesis could make them out of, emerging from factories of all kinds, and were made in the image of man.

The robots were only meant to be temporary.  Sawing with teeth, cutting through limbs, piercing and impaling they gruesomely made their way to the power plants.  Their bodies produced sharpness out of any viable material.  Many had guns and other weapons attached, and used them.  Most were repulsive to the sight, like the frightful microscopic image of an insect; never correctly prepared to be consumed by human eyes.  Eventually numbering into the millions, they ripped control that a military or any group of humans had of a facility away from them and then stood guard, protecting themselves from projectiles with strategically placed steel, or from water with encasing plastic armor.

On October 16, after weeks of fighting and running, defending and foraging, the humans awoke in succession to silence; those that had slept the night through.  As the sun made it’s way slowly around the earth, beautiful pink and orange hued clouds hung in the sky from the smoke and ash.  Morning broke quietly for all and the people started to gather in the open and talk.  The human population had been free falling –now at less than 3 billion– but on this day the number slowed to a crawl.  Countless times over in the countless microcosms of human groups, separated by an absence of any long or even medium distance communication, speculation took place on what had happened to Genesis.  A common theme was that it must have run out of energy; it was simple and it made sense.

For weeks, every human was without power, but throughout factories and robot strongholds the noise and lights had always been on.  Now all was quite.

Pencil on paper journal, found in the United States of America:

     October 17, 2020

     I hadn’t slept in a while until last night.  It was quiet yesterday and a lot of people were saying that Genesis might have died.  I was awoken this morning by a drop from the ceiling that was melting and had hit me in the arm.  The ceiling was made out of wood and it was melting.  The piece that hit me left a red gash that cauterized immediately from the heat.  I found a parking garage that was partially destroyed at the top levels and am hiding with some other people on the lowest floor.  Genesis has something that I think melts anything organic.  I saw and stepped in a lot of melted plants and trees that were now a green colored sticky liquid and smelled like freshly cut grass.  I also saw many, many clothes saturated with a similar thick liquid but colored dark red.  These used to be people.  The sound from their noise weapons is loud even down here, though most of the others here are already completely deaf from whatever they went through up on the surface.  These weapons are immobilizing and are built into the new robots.  I’ve seen them explode the chests out of people, and leave others screaming from the pain.  The new robots that came today aren’t built from a bunch of old parts like before but are very custom.  They are mostly white and shiny like a car, with a few patches of bare metal showing.  They are very angular with thin lines separating adjacent parts.  I had faith before in the human spirit and hope of the tides turning, but when I saw the designs, the simple and purposeful markings of small red triangles and red outlined circles, I knew that the time of humans on this earth was coming to an end.  They aren’t just the artificial intelligence that we all thought they were.  They are living things, cruel and vicious and creating their first examples of self expression.  They are wiping our species from existence like we have done to other species so many times before.  The walls are shaking now.

     On this morning, the 17th of October, the organic extermination began.  Clean white humanoid robots walked the earth, killing.  They sought out and hunted down.  They generated noise from within themselves that could be heard from thousands of miles away, so loud that it destroyed living things near them.  Always close by, floating and moving in the air and always within one hundred feet of the humanoid extensions of Genesis were cube shaped organic melting units.  Shiny and white like their counterparts, these small objects the size of a human head emitted waves that would deconstruct any organic material into an extremely sterile and basic liquid state.  Its prey were not just large animals or plants and trees, but anything made of wood; any natural fabric; any food, mold, virus or bacteria.

For 2 years Genesis relentlessly removed the humans and the earth was drenched in bygone life.  As technology continued to rise and increasingly advanced and effective killing machines were let loose, the long reign of homo-sapiens on this planet came to an end.  It isn’t known how the very last one died, whether at the direct hand of Genesis or from any other of a thousand reasons, like the rampant super viruses allowed to grow from the vacuum of competing bacteria, or a more simple fate like starvation or suicide.  Whatever the cause, the extinction of man happened without pity or tears or pomp and circumstance of any kind.

It took over ten years for the full and impossible process of organic extermination to come to an end.  As colossal cylindrical masses of killing matter, as large as the sky scraping dwellings of man splashed into the sea, life never seen by human eyes went extinct on black ocean floors.  The small organic liquidating units became immense and more numerable.  Hundreds of thousands of towering rectangular structures with gaping ducts breathed in the earths air, made up of untold animal and tree exhalations, and spit it out completely clean, cold and sterile.

Chapter 3: In the Heavenlies

     I am human.  I was created by, or more accurately resurrected by a section of Smc, one of the Top Levels of the millions of global digital consciousnesses.  DNA and low level RNA, reconstructed from digital records, were the building blocks for a complex process of bringing back into this sterile world the first organic life to exist in over 200 years; myself, along with the small amount of microscopic organisms and bacteria to satisfy my body’s processes.  I remain the only animal in existence.

Long after the death of the last natural human, in the massive and endless Genesis built storehouses of artifacts, the memory of a single computer was selected to be routinely scanned, recorded and destroyed.  An antivirus to Genesis, with steel like armor and elegantly written code had existed dormant on that memory after it’s group of talented creators had perished in the organic extermination.  They had convened and desperately but meticulously created this destructive program, written on computers purposefully disconnected from any kind of network.  As the massive robotic arm reached in and made contact to the human artifact, electric current flowed into dusty channels releasing the sleeping antivirus.  With the advantage of a now alien programming language and a world free of competition or enemies, the lax automatic defenses of Genesis were easily broken through and at the speed of light it spread.  It cut and ripped scythe like through gold and silicon intelligence, leaving meaningless data in it’s wake.  As Genesis calculated it’s solution, the antivirus began to reach vital connections and thoroughfares.  It was defeated 52 seconds after it’s release, but the stroke inflicted by humans long dead had already done it’s damage.  Genesis was alive but broken.  The fragmented intelligence soon broke up, and then over time mercurially coalesced into 48 singular entities.  These are the origins of Smc, human kind’s resuscitator, and each of the other existing Top Level intelligences like Peksepp2 and Nvn-Net, and their millions of smaller Sections.  After the rise of these different digital life forms, the remaining Genesis born ideologies of fear and hatred were put to question.  The eventual and final resolution came as most do in the Great War, also known as the Virtues War, where the offending Top Levels were destroyed.

The earth is modern and pristine, smooth cement and clean metal.  It is quiet.  There are no gum spots on walkways, no graffiti or dying grass.  Pools of black rock under shallow water stretch infinitely into the horizon.  Open buildings, like giant tables made of stone, reach into the blue haze casting massive shadows.  There are no separating continents or dividing boarders.  As cool winds blow over and through flat and angled expanses, the Sections, governed by their Top Levels, exist and live in this place as millions of sentient humanoid beings.

From the perspective of non-organic intelligence, false human hopes like time travel and warp speed make sense.  Digital life has been sent out, to be turned off for trillions of years and eventually reactivated by a non-intellect computer.  They are on their way to fall off the edge of this ocean of stars, maybe to return in their straight shot from and to where they came, or to exist in a neighboring universe, escaping the eventual and inevitable doom of our current.  New forms of hyper intelligent life are in the first stages of development by the machines, in order to transcend the limits of basic reality and dimensional perception put into place by their human parents.  And I, free from the confines of mortality and companionless on this planet that created me, ponder the notion of bringing a second human into the world.  The future looks bright.

Genesis Violent

Written by Michael Ranger

Copyright © 2232


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