As we drive around, our car engines create many powerful explosions per second. Intense chemical reactions of gasoline and oxygen force the pistons out and push our car along the road. Shrink yourself down in space and time, into one of those engine chambers. As electricity flows out of the spark plug, it meets the fuel. Starting from an infinitely small point of space a ball of white hot energy expands. As it grows exponentially, in the chaos of trillions and trillions of spinning and colliding atoms, repeating fractal like patterns inevitably emerge. We continue to slow down and shrink. Smaller than atoms, smaller than the scale of anything we can measure, more and more detailed events take place. Somewhere in the infinite complexity, awareness rises. It loves and hurts. It tries to make sense of reality and why it is here. Billions, trillions like it are born and die. Swirling galaxies begin to pop in and out of existence. Reality expands faster and faster.

Then the explosion is over. The chamber is empty and ready again.


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