I’ve always subscribed to the idea that infinity is beyond human comprehension; we exist in the finite. Our houses have walls, our lives have a beginning and an end, we can only see so far. I’m not so sure about that anymore.

I seem to be thinking about infinity a lot lately and realizing that finite things are silly human ideas. Nothing is finite. How can it be? If there is an edge to space, the fact that the edge is there means that something has to be on the other side, whatever it may be. As we decrease scale, down to the atom, on to maybe strings or quarks or whatever we choose to name what we find, past those, on to infinitely smaller levels, made up of an infinite number of elements, I don’t think that we will hit a wall. How could it be any other way? If you were to say to me “But the X-Particle is the smallest – we can prove it”, I would say to you “just cut it in half”.


Of course, I’ve got no authority or qualification to speak on scientific matters such as these, and Stephen Hawking would be the guy who really knows what’s going on down there, but darn it I’ve gotta think about something on my way to work!!


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